"Go Guilt-Free With Slimmy Milk Tea Gen II"

Tastes exactly like Taiwanese Milk Tea, only that this Milk Tea helps you manage your weight.

"Benefits In One Sachet"

Appetite-suppressant and supplement drink to aid you throughout your weight loss journey

  • Blocks Carbohydrates

    Potent, active carbohydrates blocker. Helps break down starch in carbs.

  • Reduce Fat Storage

    Healthy trimming, slimming with reduced appetite for unhealthy foods

  • Supresses Appetite

    Curbs appetite and satiates easily. Prevent unhealthy late night snacking

  • Skin Brightening & Hydration

    Improved absorption formula allowing for bright and radiant skin



"Go Guilt-Free With Slimmy Milk Tea Gen II"

  • Burns Fat

    Promotes Healthy Basal Metabolic Rate to help overall weight loss goals.

  • Glowing Skin

    Patented Ingredients scientifically proven to help with skin brightening & enhancement.

  • Control Blood Sugar

    Improved Gen II Formula helps prevents Blood Sugar Spiking that directly link to hunger.

  • Easy To Consume

    Tastes Exactly like Taiwanese Milk Tea to keep you motivated and consistent in your weight loss journey.

New & Improved Gen II Formula


The Tastiness of Boba Milk Tea With Zero Guilt​

Go guilt-free with Slimmy Milk Tea Gen II

Tastes exactly like Taiwanese Milk Tea, only that this Milk Tea helps you manage your weight.

Slimmy Milk Tea Gen II contains one of our patented carbohydrate blocking ingredients, White Kidney Bean. This means that the white kidney bean will actually restrict the absorption of sugars into the body. This prevents the body from converting excess sugars into fat, resulting in unwanted fat build-up and weight gain. 

Slimmy Milk Tea Gen II provides an important barrier against excess carbohydrates from being unnecessarily converted into fat by the body. Our consumers can thus both enjoy the fantastic flavor of a milk tea while enjoying the benefits of weight management and trimming.

"Go Guilt-Free With..."

  • One Sachet

    Take one sachet 30 minutes before lunch and dinner

  • Add Water

    Mixed with 100ml of warm, cold or room temperature water

  • Add Milk

    Mixed with 250 ml of low-fat/non-fat milk. Take as meal replacement!

New & Improved Gen II Formula


For Weight Loss & Healthy Skin

Incredible dual functionality in our Gen II formula helps you boost weight loss goals and maintain skin health, which includes skin hydration, firming, brightening and prevention of UV damage!

5 Key Patented Ingredients

"SGS Tested Natural & Organic Ingredients"

Another key ingredient of Slimmy Milk Tea Gen II, African Mango, is only directly responsible for the prevention of fat build-ups in the body. Therefore, should there be excess carbohydrates, Slimmy Milk Tea Gen II is introduced to both prevent and control the excess carbohydrates from being absorbed and converted into fat.


Frequently Asked Questions

Slimmy Fibre 80XT functions as a regulator, a controller which aids in the healthy stream of nutrients to be properly distributed throughout the body. However, should there be excess carbohydrates, Slimmy Milk Tea is introduced to both prevent and control an excess of carbohydrates from being absorbed and converted to fat.

As such, Slimmy Fibre 80XT's enzymatic nature is responsible for healthy nutrient distribution, digestion and detoxification whilst Slimmy Milk Tea complements this by providing a secondary barrier against excess carbohydrates from being unnecessarily converted to fat by the body.

Firstly, we need to understand what causes weight gain. Although there are many causes that contribute to weight gain, incomplete digestion and an unhealthy gut are one of the most common reasons why.

An inefficient digestive system causes widespread inflammation, constipation, gas, and bloating — all of which can slow down metabolism, leading to unwanted weight gain. Besides this, an unhealthy gut will result in fatigue, lowered body immunity, constipation or excessive weight gain.

Furthermore, poor digestion and gut health will result in inefficient nutrient micromanagement. One of the main problems most, if not all adults will face, is the fact that excess carbohydrates will be stored as fat in the body. An inefficient digestive system will find it tougher to break down/digest food, and this will naturally lead to the body finding it even tougher to deal with excess carbohydrates. When this happens, excess carbohydrates will quickly be stored by the body as fat, leading to weight gain.

How Halobe stands out is that we pride ourselves in upholding integrity. We genuinely want to help our clients achieve their ideal weight, but healthily.

While many companies and their products in the market promote advertisements such as “Lose 20kg in 10 days”, at Halobe, we do not lie to our customers. There is no miracle pill for healthy weight loss, unless the ingredients could have potentially dangerous side effects. An example would be certain varieties of weight-loss pills, which may have harmful or addictive substances which may actually cause more problems than solve.

Halobe focuses majorly on SAFETY and healthy weight management. Our products are formulated by top food chemists, and our formulae for our products pave the way for the fastest, most natural and safe way in weight management and healthy trimming.

SLIMMY products are designed to help clients manage and maintain their weight for sustainable, long term results. Although it is not a MUST to diet and exercise, clients are not recommended to over-eat before they reach their desired weight. Although, a survey we conducted did show that a significant number of testers (the control group) who took our product, did no dieting and no exercise but also lost weight.

Even so, it must be understood that supplements are meant to support a person’s health or diet and cannot be considered as a miracle formula to achieve one’s entire bodily needs. The word “supplement” alone means this. We do definitely recommend, that based on the aforementioned survey conducted, proper dieting and light exercise coupled with our product produced exceptional results with regards to losing weight. Drinking enough water and taking the product consistently is also essential to seeing long-term results. Results are assured.


Yes, we use organic ingredients as the whole purpose of detoxifying and weight management is to remove toxins or excess waste from our digestive system.

Using inorganic ingredients which are synthetic or artificial are of no use to the body and thus would be of no use to our products and thus, our consumers.

Our Products Actually Work

Our product descriptions and FAQ go into great detail how each product’s ingredients are formulated to purposefully target weight gain issues, which result in healthy trimming and slimming. We have put in great effort in clinical testing processes and external laboratory assessments (SGS certification) to ensure the best quality in our products for all our customers, especially with regards to safety in consumption.

We thus take pride in our selection for the best, to make our products the best they can be.

Now, let’s talk about our ingredients and why Slimmy products are more premium than the average product. Of course, if we were to sell Slimmy Milk Tea or Slimmy Fibre 80XT at an even lower price, sales would definitely skyrocket. Our resellers could make even more money. However, Slimmy products’ ingredients are all natural and organic which is why our products are of premium grade. As mentioned earlier, have you ever considered the cost difference between an organic product versus its synthetic equivalent? The price difference is so, so much! Organic foods are far more expensive because they do not contain harmful chemicals, pesticides, etc. Walk into a supermarket and compare the prices of a normal product and an organic product, then think about how most products market their product as “organic & all natural” at a ridiculously cheap price. Does that make sense to you? Would you trust the integrity of the product and its ingredients if the product is far too cheap to be believable?


Organic food producers don't use readily available yet cheap additives, flavors or preservatives as conventional food producers do. There's a long list of known, harmful ingredients which are not permitted in organic food. This means organic producers must find other safer but often less available and more expensive ingredients instead. Thus, it obviously costs less to use synthetic food items. However, even though our ingredients are natural and organic which is very costly, we have also done considerable price modifications to our margin model to determine the best possible prices we can give to our valued customers. As such, we are able to provide you with the best at a very reasonable cost.

Halobe has worked with many top food chemists all across Asia to ensure that our SLIMMY products are safe, reliable, effective and taste great! Each ingredient has been painstakingly researched to be the right amount required for the products to be fantastically efficient for proper weight management. Furthermore, our ingredients are premium, organic and completely safe for human consumption.

Most products in the market are not formulated by actual food chemists, with clinical trials to make sure that the product is formulated exactly to help clients achieve their desired body safely.

Finally, what makes us extraordinary would be the introduction of our first-of-its-kind, unprecedented, Slimmy Milk Tea.


"Uncover the Finest Version of You"

The team at Halobe aims to inspire beauty in everyone and celebrate a healthy mind and body!





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