Kylie Ng

Founder & Director

The name HALOBE is a combination of her daughters’ names – HAliey, LOvelle and PhoeBE.



Kylie's Story

"Uncover the Finest Version of You"

Director Kylie Ng, who is a mother of 3 founded The name HALOBE is a combination of her daughters’ names – HAliey, LOvelle and PhoeBE.

Kylie struggled with work, spending time with her family, and keeping her body in check. This insurmountable task led her to scour the market and look for the best and safest products to help her achieve her goals. Her years of experience with beauty products have garnered insight into industry secrets and leaked formulas, cutting out all the gimmicks and placebos that not just waste time and money, but also putting your health at risk.

Products listed on are carefully curated and personally tested by the Director as well as her team, in order to bring the best and most effective products to our clients. If it works for her, it can work for you too.

Product Timeline

New & Improved Gen II Formula



New Beginnings

Birth of her first child, causing severe weight gain, sagging of skin and losing her youthful glow. Out of all the products she tried, she decided to focus on consuming SLIMMY Series to manage her post-natal weight. Results were extraordinary, thus beginning her journey as a distributor for SLIMMY products.


SLIMMY Demands

Slimmy Fibre 50XT’s sales skyrocketed. Sold more than 20,000 boxes in this year alone. Kylie sought out to  become a top-tier distributor for SLIMMY products because she wants to help working moms like her.



Reformulation Breakthrough

SLIMMY DETOX FIBRE 50XT was reformulated into 80XT, sales demand surged with the improved effectiveness of the product. Kylie took the leap of faith and brought in SLIMMY MILK TEA, which also enjoyed an overwhelmingly positive response.



Kylie became the face of Cuppy Up Collagen Jelly the revolutionary bust enhancement supplement. She found 10 strong distributors and began her journey to coach and guide them.

Launching her own brand as, her customer base increased exponentially due to our safe, effective and reliable products, our core emphasis remains the same: To provide the best quality, safest and most effective products to all our consumers.




SLIMMY & Cuppy Up sold over 50,000 boxes and won the Singapore’s Consumers’ Choice Awards 2021.  

Slimmy Milk Tea Generation II was released, a massively improved version of its predecessor, able to efficiently aid with weight loss as well as beautifying the skin.

This year also marks the launch of Femme Fatale Magnetic Eyelashes and other beauty products that Kylie has tried and gave her personal stamp of approval.

In the coming months of 2021, a myriad of exciting new products will be coming your way, so stay tuned to HALOBE.SG for more!

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